Qingyan Ancient Town

Qingyan Ancient Town

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  • Vernacular Dwelling of China Attractions
  • Ancient Cities & Towns of China Attractions
  • Qingyan Ancient Town As an ancient town, covering an area of 741 acres, Qingyan Ancient Town was originally built in 1378. Nowadays, because of its long history and strong cultural atmosphere, Qingyan Ancient Town has become an attractive destination for numerous domestic and foreign tourists. Due to the local geology, Qingyan Ancient Town was built completely of stone. You can see spectacular city walls built right on the cliffs with vast rocks, which divided Qingyan Ancient Town into inner and outer towns.
    The old town covers 3 square kilometers and follows the style of Ming and Qing dynasty. Some inside structure is also preserved well up to present. It includes nine temples, eight joss houses, five pavilions, three caves, two ancestral halls, one palace and one yard, 30 in total. Such age-old buildings are characterized by majesty vigor and wonderful craftwork, which will make tourists acclaim as the peak of perfection.

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